Influence4You Launches a 100% Performance Based Plan for Influencer Campaigns

Influence4You Launches a 100% Performance Based Plan for Influencer Campaigns

Influence4You launches a 100% performance based plan for influencer campaigns


In exclusive partnership with Adsteroid, Influence4You offers e-retailers a 100% pay-for-performance model for influencer posts on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

“E-retailers are always looking for better performance. Influence marketing is essentially a media of awareness and engagement. With this offer, we cater to the needs of our major e-commerce clients who want to control their acquisition costs AND their image using influencer marketing,” says Stéphane BOUILLET, founder of Influence4You.

Mediatisation des posts influenceurs



We are currently the only influencer marketing company to offer such a service, which combines Influence4You’s experience in influencer marketing with Adsteroid’s social ads and data analysis expertise.”

The idea is to run classic influencer campaigns, then request the rights in order to share the content on a performance basis.


Influence4You and its partner assume 100% of the media buying risk

“Influence4You and its partner take on all the media buying risk while the e-retailer benefits from additional sales (up to 10% more turnover) at a controlled acquisition cost, with no surprises, AND with guaranteed brand image respect (validation by the brand). In short, every e-retailer’s dream!” adds Stéphane Bouillet.


Immediate implementation

On a technical level, the implementation is almost immediate (one tag to implement to measure sales). This ease should appeal to most retailers. This offer is only available to large e-retailers who have an established brand (or brands with a very attractive lead offer – like private sales for example).

Influence4You makes influencer marketing an image and engagement medium, and for e-retailers, a driver for developing additional sales 100% based on performance.


Please contact us to take advantage of this offer.


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