Top 12 Comedy Influencers in 2022

Top 12 Comedy Influencers in 2022

Top 12 Comedy Influencers in 2022

Thanks to modern communication technology, humor is a click away from everywhere, for our greatest pleasure! Indeed, what would life be without laughter? Today, we’re going to talk about some of the funniest influencers whose goal is to make sure we get sore from laughing too hard. Beyond PewDiePie and Shane Dawson, there is a whole world to discover. So let’s go!

GloZell Green

GloZell Green started her YouTube channel in 2008 where she mostly shared interviews, comedy videos about her life and song parodies. A few months later, her video ‘My Push-up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man’ became viral. Now fast-forward 13 years later and she has over 4M followers on YouTube, her own program, The GloZell Show, and has interviewed President Barack Obama at the White House.

While a classically trained performer with a degree in theater performance, nothing in her very distinguishable look says classic: green emerald lipstick and lime tops are her go-tos.


From asking for cilantro’s abolition to protesting for people to wash their bedsheets more often, Seth doesn’t hold back. He enjoys protesting and loves a good cardboard sign.

It all started in 2019 when he posted a picture of himself holding a sign asking people to ‘stop replying-all to company-wide emails’. From then on his follower count grew and he is now followed by 7.5M people on Instagram.

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Max St. John is a popular comedian on TikTok and Instagram where he has 92.5k and 127k followers respectively. He posts mostly hilarious and satirical fake news reports as well as upbeat commercial parodies. When he is not trying to convince you to grow a mustache or trying to sell you a ½ pillow for the perfect neck angle, he works as a comedian in New York City.

@maxtheverygoodboyAttention fellas! ##mustache ##comedy ##parody ##snl ##millennial ##brooklyn ##hipster ##fypシ♬ original sound – maxtheverygoodboy

Grace Miceli (artbabygirl)

Grace is an illustrator with a taste for self-deprecating jokes and irony. Indeed, she likes to tackle serious topics such as her anxiety and depression in a funny and quirky way. She mixes vibrant colors, familiar consumer items or symbols and serious taglines to create a disconnect between fun and sad.

She shares her sarcastic commentaries on her Instagram with her 125k followers.

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Safiya Nygaard

Former video producer at Buzzfeed, Safiya Nygaard created her own YouTube to share her crazy experiments. Her 9.2M followers are delighted to see her trying on ‘wedding dresses through history’ or even getting married in McDonald’s. So head out to her channel if you want to see her wearing weird outfits or mixing every lipstick from the drugstore together.

Sarah Cooper

Comedian and TikToker, Sarah Cooper is a former Google employee. She left the search engine company to focus on her career as a comedian. She is known for her funny lip sync videos where she impersonates Donald Trump. She now has her own Netflix comedy special.

@whatchugotformeHow to regret♬ original sound – Sarah Cooper


Celina Myers became famous on TikTok for her sleepwalking videos. In 2020 she filmed herself while she was naked and locked out of her hotel room. Seeing how viral this video became, she decided to continue posting more sleepwalking videos including footage of the security cameras outside and inside her house. Her 20.3M followers on TikTok love seeing her roaming her house speaking to herself while dreaming. If you are at all curious of what somnambulism looks like go check her channel, laughter guaranteed!

@celinaspookyboo♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo


TikTok star Ceara O’Sullivan is famous for her impressions of her mom, Beth. Her most watched video is a reenactment of her mom entering her childhood bedroom at 7 a.m. while she is sleeping. From the ‘good morning sleepy head’ to the aggressive cleaning noises and nagging, a lot of viewers are amazed by how similar Beth is to their mom’s.

@cearajane“let me give you some coins for the toll booth dude…” – Beth ##mom ##motherdaughter ##comedy ##HotwireHotelGoals♬ original sound – Ceara OSullivan

Baron Ryan (@americanbaron)

With over 1.3M followers on TikTok, Baron is a comedy sketch creator and aspiring filmmaker known for playing every character in a scene. In 2019, his girlfriend and manager advised him to use TikTok to build his portfolio. He started posting 3 times a day and soon after several videos went viral.

@americanbaronwhy do we like what we like? ##identity ##humans ##psychology♬ SI TU VOIS MA MERE – Francesco Manfredi & Mino Lacirignola & Michele Biancofiore & Alessio Lanzivino & Michele Fracchiolla

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a Canadian (with Indian heritage) YouTuber known as Superwoman. She started on YouTube in 2010 to fight depression and make other people laugh and now has over 14,8M followers. She has her own late-night show ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’ since 2019. She makes comedy sketch videos about various topics, from buzzwords for work meetings to stories about her family.

Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings is a fictional character created in 2008 and portrayed by American YouTube star Colleen Ballinger. Miranda is a talentless aspiring singer who shares her tutorials and her rants on YouTube with her 10.9M followers.

Inspired by rude classmates and bad singing videos, Collen created Miranda as a satire of untalented and arrogant singers who believe that posting on YouTube will lead them to fame.

Nicholas Gurewitch (Perryfellow)

In 2001, the illustrator started publishing his webcomic ‘The Perry Bible Fellowship’ in his college newspaper. This series of strips feature edgy, dark and absurd humor. Shortly after that he moved on to a website. Eight years later, due to its popularity, the series was turned into a compilation book and became the fastest-selling graphic novel on Amazon.

For the 20 year anniversary of PBF, Nicholas choose to collaborate with other artists on his Instagram where he has over 340k followers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 12 list and discovered new horizons of fun. It’s been said that laugher is the best medicine so don’t be shy! Sometimes you just need a smile for everything to get better!

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