Top 10 Home Influencers in 2022

Top 10 der Deko-Influencer

Top 10 Home Influencers in 2022

Nowadays, functionality in design is no longer the only main goal: the aesthetic value is equally important. With modernity came the desire to personalize the things that matter, starting with our living spaces. We want to make our home to our image and modify it as we change…

Feeling at home has become very important to many people and the need to decorate one’s personal space, as well as living spaces or utility rooms has created new professions. Interior designers, interior decorators and kitchen designers (to name just a few) have set a goal to help us make our homes feel more like us.

They have also inspired vocations, especially among influencers. Today, many internet creators share with us what design means to them, as well as their inspirations, tips and DIY ideas.

Here is our non-exhaustive list of the top 10 home influencers. We hope it will inspire you!

Joanna Stevens Gaines

Joanna is an American interior designer. She became famous as the television host of “Fixer Upper” alongside her husband, Chip Gaines. This show is centered on home design and renovation.

Joanna shares with her 13.3m followers on Instagram tips and sneak peeks into the latest “Fixer Upper” episodes as well as her family life in her beautiful farmhouse. Her design preference is simple and timeless. She loves recycling old furniture and mixing modern items with antiques.

Becki Owens

With 1.4m followers, this interior designer is very popular on Instagram. She loves fresh and modern designs as well as clean and coastal aesthetics.

She shares on her blog tips, ideas and inspiration to make the most of our homes. Her favorite space is her kitchen and her feed brims with beautiful kitchens.

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Kate Rumson

Until 2013, Kate was working in the banking sector and designing and flipping houses part-time. She created the Real Houses of Instagram where she started posting interior-design pictures. Success was immediate.

In 2018 she started building her own house in New York City and enlisted the help of her 2.5m followers. On Instagram she asks her community for their opinions and organizes surveys in her stories. She hopes to create a guide to building a house that can help anyone looking to build a home.

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Amber Lewis (@amberinteriors)

Amber started her career as an assistant at an interior design firm and decided to create her own blog when she bought her first house. It was such a success that her boss ended up advising her to quit in order to be able to focus on her new activity full time.

In 2016 she opened her first retail store Shoppe Amber Interiors which is now present in three different locations.

Farahj Merhi

In 2012 the designer created the Instagram page @inspire_me_home_decor as a creative outlet. After graduating from college, Farahj was at a crossroads. She was planning on attending law school but felt unfulfilled. After renovating her own house, she found her calling.

Her Instagram page now has over 6.4m followers and her blog, YouTube channel, and home design and furniture line are also very popular.

In 2019 she even published a book, “Inspire Your Home: Easy Affordable Ideas to Make Every Room Glamorous”.

Her style is a mixture of glamor, elegance and cosiness.

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Erin is the person behind the @mytextashouse handle. She was a school teacher and then a stay-at-home mom. Her house became famous on Instagram after she started posting pictures. This true entrepreneur has over 600,000 followers and a decor line at Walmart.

If you love French Country Design, you won’t be able to leave her feed!

Liz Marie Galvan

This interior designer and blogger started out remodeling the family farmhouse in Michigan. She loves DIY and isn’t scared of experimenting.

In 2019, she published her first book ”Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love The Feeling of Being Home” where she helps her readers find inspiration.

On Instagram she shares pictures of her 1800s farmhouse. Her all white cozy and beautiful home has won the hearts of 565,000 followers.

Kate Arends (@witanddelight_)

In 2019 Kate Arends created her blog, Wit & Delight. A mixture between lifestyle, home décor and mental health content, her blog is very broad and comprehensive.

Renowned designer, she created products for well-known brands including Target, 3M and Fossil.

In 2014 she started restoring her historic English Tudor home in St. Paul. She shares pictures of her home with over 340,000 followers on Instagram.

Hilton Carter

Interior designer, plant stylist and author Hilton Carter has gained fame on Instagram where he has over 500,000 followers.

His YouTube series “Plant doctor” has also gained momentum in recent years. With a passion for plants (he has over 200 in his apartment!), this creator designs and sells plant accessories on his Website.

Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, and author of a New York Times best-selling book, Justina Blakeney is famous for her Boho Chic style. In 2009 she created her blog Jungalow (a contraction of “jungle” and “bungalow”) which has evolved into a brand.

Like Hilton Carter, Justina is a plant lover. She loves colors, natural materials and nature.

We hope that this selection will make you want to launch a campaign with one of these influencers. You can discover even more influencers in this article!

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