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If you are working for a brand you should know how important it is to promote your products on the social media channels where your target market spend most of their time.

Influence Marketing platforms have proved their efficiency to the brands in sharing their message and increasing visibility, traffic and sales. Most of the time brands think about promoting on the usual social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram or Facebook but there are lots of fast-growing channels that brands should consider. One of them is, so we have decided to write this article to give you more information about this unusual social media platform.


What is


Launched in China in 2014, allows its users – also called “musers”- to create videos (1 min maximum) in which they can do playback on the latest hits and share it on the feed. In 2015, the app spread worldwide and became the #1 app of the Apple Store in 19 countries. In 2016, there were more than 130 millions of users, including 40 millions of active users every month and an average of 12 millions videos added every day.

Today, there are more than 200 millions of young people (14 – 24 years old) who know or use! It is more than 70% of the musers.

Like Snapchat few years ago, have become THE social media channel of the teenagers (and early teens: 10-14 years old).

However, the minimum age required is 13 but lots of musers are younger and lied during registration. Don’t forget to consider this when you create your campaigns.


As a brand, why should I be interested in brings a new way to share contents so the partnerships between brands and influencers can be more creative and original. The app is still looking for improving its monetization; in consequence brands and influencers have less restrictions than on the usual social media channels.

Brands focusing on Music are obviously more able to promote their products via because musers can discover new tracks very easily but it is can be also interesting for the other brands. Even if it has often been categorized as a Music or Dance application, the content posted by the users tend to be more and more diversified. The creativity on the platform can lead to other category like Humor, Cooking, Fitness or even Fashion. Keep in mind that this app is mostly used by “Millenials”, and mainly women (69% of musers), so if your target market is a girl under 20 years old don’t hesitate and go on!


How integrate in your Influence Marketing strategy?


Even if the application is quite recent (and there are some restrictions, for example it is not possible to add tracking link) it is very easy to create and start influence campaigns on Several musers are starting to be famous and have communities with millions of followers!

Music is no longer the only category on the social network: Humor, Fashion and Beauty are progressively increasing their importance. It means that any kind of brand can use the platform to promote its products in a creative way.

Even if the Marketing operations are still very basic, the originality and creativity of the content is the major key of the application.

Like its big sisters, product placement is the favorite type of campaign on, that it is why we advise you to choose other types of collaborations like contests, hauls and special offer promotions.

The use of the hashtag is also very important: as a brand, you can pay to show up on the top ones displayed on the homepage of the platform.


The success of cannot be denied and it would be wrong to think that it can’t compete with its competitors regarding Influence Marketing.


Only the best Influence Marketing platforms, like Influence4Brands, are already offering several musers profiles to allow you to promote your products on the favorite social media platform of the Millenials!


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