Lancôme, the leading French brand in the field of luxury cosmetics, asked us to support the release of its new Juicy Shaker products through an influencer marketing campaign.

Lancôme’s objectives

The brand wanted to develop awareness of its new product line: the Juicy Shaker gloss. The main focus was to highlight its specific characteristics such as the shaker effect (it has to be shaken before use) and its incredible range of colors.

Influence4you’s insights and our setting up of the communication

We picked Safia Vendome, a Youtube star, whose profile matched in every respect the luxury brand image and embodied perfectly its new product.
Safia is a pretty and cheerful young woman recognised, among others, for her attention to the images and the quality of her videos.

The idea of the video was to combine a Juicy Shaker product with a special atmosphere that had the “look and feel” of the gloss colors.

The result was to highlight Lancôme and its Juicy Shaker while taking special care to embed it and get the perfect balance between advertisement and natural to ensure a great reception by Safia’s community.

KPI of the campaign

A beautiful video with more than 150,000 views in the first 3 days of the campaign!

Combining all of her networks (Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube), Safia’s posts reached over 5 million views!

You can find the actual video here :