Influence4You Just Launched the Most Complete Influencer Datasheet on the Market

Influence4You bringt die umfassendste Influencer-Kartei auf den Markt

Influence4You Just Launched the Most Complete Influencer Datasheet on the Market

Influence4You is launching its new influencer datasheet, and it’s just amazing!

When managing an influencer campaign, selecting the influencer is a crucial step. Indeed, choosing the right influencer is not as simple as it may seem and can be a time consuming task.

To ensure the success of your campaign, several criteria should be taken into account including:

  • The influencer’s profile: follower count, nationality, age, location, interests…
  • The influencer’s audience: age, gender, location, audience interests…
  • The engagement rate: depending on the social network (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok…)
  • Profile quality and audience: identify fake subscribers and potential fake profiles
  • The type of posts: check that it aligns with your brand’s values

To help you, Influence4You just launched the most complete influencer datasheet on the market! These pages are synched to the global search engine that allows access to 100m profiles on social networks.

Discover the datasheet

They include all the information you need to make your choice in a clear, simple and informed way. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out our interactive influencer datasheet here. (desktop format)

Fiche influenceur Influence4You

What can you find in an Influence4You Influencer datasheet?

A summary of the influencer’s profile

The influencer’s information: Nationality, date of birth, location, presentation of her/his profile, tags…

Main data: His/her social networks, follower count, type of audience (gender, average age, location), number of posts…

Influencer profile Zach King

The influencer’s performance

With the detection of potentially fake profiles and followers thanks to the integrated tool HypeAuditor. The global standard in the detection of fake profiles and followers.

The influencer’s performance

Data on the influencer’s audience

Gender, age, country, city, language…

Data on the influencer's audience

The audience’s interests

The audience's interests

The quality of the audience

With the detection of fake profiles and subscribers as well as the influencer’s reach.

The quality of the audience


Here you will find, the average engagement rate, as well as the engagement over the last 12 posts on Instagram. In addition, you will also find the ratio of likes to comments and a comparison with similar profiles.

Influencer's Engagement
Influencer ratio likes and comments

Brand mentions

With the frequency of publications, frequency of sponsored publications and a performance comparison between sponsored and non-sponsored publications.

Brand mentions of influencer

Brands mentioned by the influencer

Here you’ll find all the brands mentioned by the influencer. They are listed by categories.

Brands mentioned by the influencer

The influencer’s publications

Easily check out the influencer’s posts with the number of likes/views and comments per post.

Influencer's publication

Similar profiles

Easily discover profiles that are similar to the influencer’s profile.

Similar profiles of influencer

This new influencer datasheet can be consulted here with more details and interactively (desktop format).

You can find statistics about other social networks: YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, … with each time the complete data adapted to each network.

Are you interested in using influencer datasheets for your next campaign and an influencer search tool with 100M profiles?

Access to our new Influencer datasheets is included in our Influencer Relationship Management Pack. This Pack is priced at €970/month paid annually

This pack allows you to manage your projects from start to finish with the best influencers and ambassadors for YOUR NEEDS.

For more information, please contact us.

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