[Guide] Gaming Influencer Marketing: the latest trends

Kevin Le Guyader

International Digital Marketing Manager


[Guide] Gaming Influencer Marketing: the latest trends

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What better way to launch your new game than with influencers? 

How has the industry evolved? What are the new trends? How will it continue to grow? To answer all these questions, we’ll start by taking you back in time. We’ll begin by exploring the background of the gaming sector in influencer marketing. We’ll then focus on what this market has become and what it has brought to influence marketing in recent months.

Gaming and influencer marketing the latest trends

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In this guide, you'll find:

  • The beginning of Gaming influencer marketing
  • Gaming, an inaccessible industry for influencer marketing?
  • Types of influencers in the gaming industry
  • Examples of partnerships and campaigns
  • Gaming, the rising star of influencer marketing
  • A new kind of influencer marketing campaign

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