Influence4You and Leavreach - partnership

Influence4You and Livereach join forces and launch a technology partnership dedicated to e-retailers


Livereach allows you to easily manage influencers’ sponsored posts (collaborations with brands/products), negotiate image rights and above all, integrate the content into your website or newsletter with the aim of significantly increasing your purchase conversion rate.

For example, if 4 instagrammers present the exact same pair of shoes sold by an e-commerce website, this e-commerce website- with the influencers authorization- in just 2 clicks can display the influencers’ content, via a technological tool, on the product page and therefore make the buying process more attractive and inspirational.


Stéphane Bouillet


“This partnership between Livereach and Influence4You will enable the return on investment of influence marketing campaigns to be optimized. This is down to the fact that the influencers’ content is key in getting the brand known, liked and generating traffic. This will also improve the purchase conversion rate”, announced Stéphane Bouillet, CEO of Influence4You.



Livereach - Peter J. Bakalov-Gillsch


“Influencers’ content also gives a brand and their product catalogue significant legitimacy. We have noticed a strong improvement inconversion rate (up to 20%) amongst e-retailers who include this kind of content”, declares Peter J. Bakalov, CEO of Livereach.

“The technology that we provide simplifies and secures management of influencer content. By partnering with Influence4You at an international level, this allows our clients to have content created en masse by influencers, which can be easily managed by our clients.”


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