Azar is Random Video Chat available through a mobile application enabling to communicate with persons from all around the world!

In order to highlight the launch on the French versions of Apple Store and Google Play we contacted Lufy, the Belgian Beauty/Fashion Youtuber and her boyfriend Enzo who have a common Lifestyle YouTube channel!

The video was a tremendous hit with amazing engagement from their community: with almost 400 000 views, it remains one of the most appreciated videos of the channel with 15 185 likes for only 94 dislikes!

Campaign Objectives

  • Show that Azar is a fun app
  • Show its international scale
  • Highlight specific assets such as filters or automatic text translation…

Influence4you’s insights and our setting up of the communication

A video challenge on a dynamic channel showcasing influencers using the app and therefore highlighting their favorite features.

The video of the operation