8 countries, 8 influencers, 22 million of contacts and more than 80 posts published on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter… Such is the exceptional scale for the influence campaign we organized with the agency TLC Marketing to promote the launch of the new Alcatel A5 LED! This smartphone is differentiating itself by its illuminating case which lights on based on the notifications you get, the social networks its coming from or the music you’re listening to.

For 6 months, we collaborated with various influencers coming from 8 European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Spain. The goal was to accompany the launch of the new Alcatel smartphone and tremendously increase the brand notoriety with young Europeans.

To do so, we created with TLC and Alcatel Europe a campaign actuated by 3 steps between all those European countries simultaneously.

#0 – Opening night in Paris

Our operation of influence marketing started with the opening night of the smartphone Alcatel A5 LED organized by Alcatel Europe in Paris! On the menu of that night: presentation of the new smartphone as well as its different features, cocktails, petit fours and some entertaining activities.

The whole European talent cast had been invited to assist to that event.

Although it was not a mandatory part of our dispositive, influencers from 5 countries answered the call and realized numerous posts in the span of that special party.

You will find below the vlog realized by the Russian influencer at the opening night:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQVf9kdsf_g[/embedyt]


#1 – Bring an aspirational lifestyle content to Alcatel

On top of bringing a huge visibility to the new smartphone A5 LED, we wished to also associate a young, fun and musical image to it by integrating the phone to aspirational lifestyle content that the influencers’ communities enjoyed a lot.

We truly launched the influence marketing campaign by a set of video vlogs published on the YouTube channels of the full cast taking part in the dispositive.

Those videos associating the young generations lifestyle to the new Alcatel cellphone gathered almost 7 million contacts globally by taking into account the various relays made by the influencers on their other social network.

You’ll find below some posts examples:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWVNLtgYFlA[/embedyt]


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBhcPZ9RZ1c[/embedyt]


#2 – Create a strong commitment from the communities

After having introduced the phone and talked about it through vlogs, the second part of the campaign was focused on engaging strongly the communities of our talents and driving them to the various digital supports of the brand.

To do so, we relayed a contest created by the TLC Marketing agency through the entirety of the 8 European talents allowing their subscribers to win a smartphone but also to have the opportunity to be invited to the Sziget Festival in Budapest, last part of the campaign that we will develop hereafter.

To highlight the contest, our influencers had to realize 4 posts each sending back their subscribers to the Alcatel landing page specifically created for this occasion.

The 2nd phase posts reached almost 9 million contacts in the entirety of the 8 European countries.

A post promoting the contest:


#3 – Making an impression: Sziget Festival

To end our influence campaign properly and to keep promoting the musical and rock’n’roll lifestyle wished by the brand, Alcatel invited the entirety of the influencers who took part in the campaign to the Sziget Festival in Budapest, one of the biggest European music festival.

There, our influencers realized a multitude of posts on every social media (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, VKontakte, etc.) which integrated the Alcatel specific hashtag #EnjoyNow and summarizing the general state of mind of the dispositive.

Some twenty posts were published by our influencers throughout the music festival and reached in total 6,7 million contacts.

To conclude, here are of a few posts from the various accounts of our talents who were at that event:

La Hongrie, c’est bieng, sauf les 39°C.#EnjoyNow pic.twitter.com/0Hyec5euUF
— Tartin (@TartinEx) 10 août 2017