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Baidu DU Recorder

Baidu, a leading Chinese internet company, collaborated with Influence4You for its 2017 end-of-year digital campaigns. Our experts have set up three international campaigns to promote their latest app features in English speaking markets.

The context of the cooperation

For their 2017 end-of-the-year marketing campaigns, Baidu DU Recorder team and Facemoji Emoji Keyboard team would like to acquire more potential users by collaborating with relevant and engaging influencers.

DU Recorder App Operation

DU Recorder is a mobile screen recording app, and they are mainly targeting mobile gamers who would use this app for recording their game plays and share to friends or creating youtube videos. Until 2017 November, this app has only Android version, which brought us a great challenge of looking for great influencers to targeting such a niche audience pool.

The solution brought by Influence4You

Influence4You teams, used to work internationally, have proposed three distinct operations in order to obtain the greatest possible impact. Thanks to our know-how and our technology, we quickly filtered influencer profiles in order to accurately obtain Gaming Youtubers with a majority of Android mobile users. In order to reach as many Android Mobile gamers as possible, we chose influencers playing on one of the most popular mobile games of the moment: SuperCell’s games. The same time, we require each influencer provide us with their android mobile user percentage for the decision making reference.

#Campaign 1 – DU Recorder – November

Three Youtubers were selected. All matched customer needs, and have different profiles to maximize results:

  • OrangeJuice Gaming has a large audience, allowing more visibility. 
  • General Tony also has a large number of subscribers, but above all achieves a significant engagement rate of 7%!
  • Power Bang Gaming is well known for the high quality of its videos and his profession. 

We helped DU Recorder Team designed 3 phases campaign to drive a great conversions and engagement of this app with its users.

Phase 1 – App Presentation [ Youtube Campaign ]

Orange Juice Gaming has well-integrated app presentation in the middle of his gameplay, which aroused a great attention from his community.

General Tony created a dedicated video to highlight the functions of Front Camera, Game recordings. Furthermore, he created a new android game account to interact with his audience for co-playing which drive a great engagement with his community and brought huge conversions to the brand.

Powerbang Gaming produced a very high-quality video to present all the functions of the app while playing the game. His video was highly praised by the brand for its quality and the tutorial effect.








Phase 2 – Contest Announcement [ Posts Campaign ]

Each influencer announced the online contest to encourage their fans to download the app and submit their gameplays in order to win the game cards and the winners video will be reviewed by the influencer in the next youtube video. This campaign was aiming for driving user acquisitions in a more engaging way.

The videos











Phase 3 – Winner Video Review [ Youtube Campaign ]

Influencers created second video to review all the fans submitted videos and also highlight the editing function of this app via showing how they emerge the winners video to a short clip. This phase was aiming to react on the 2nd phase but also retarget the audience who did not download the app yet.


Performance of the campaign:

This 3-phase campaign has precisely reached more than 500 000 total interactions with around 10 000 clicks among its targeted audience pool. According to the brand, the number of conversions is the highest among all their historic influencer campaigns.   


#Campaign 2 – DU Recorder – December

For the December operation, DU Recorder team would like to acquire more users and promote their new Livestream features under the Chritsmas Theme. We applied the same method as the previous month. Nevertheless, our teams chose to change influencer profiles by selecting four new ones in addition to Power Bang Gaming who had participated in the previous operation. We chose these new profiles for their large audiences, giving even more visibility to the operation.

So Molt, Echlipse, Ash and Galadon made videos and organized contests to highlight the features of the DU Recorder.

Find their videos here:

For the last phase at the Christmas Eve, we invite Powerbang Gaming host his first livestream in the DU Recorder app which linked to his youtube channel and Galadon hosted his livestream via DU Recorder official account. This campaign greatly promote the amazing new features of the app and enhanced the DU Recorder’s community engagement.


Facemoji Emoji Keyboard APP Operation

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is a very different app than DU Recorder.  Facemoji team was aiming to reach a huge audience base who would like to use emoji to communicate in social media. Based on the brand’s need, we proposed Tobuscus, a very creative Youtuber with a wide audience, as well as Sssniperwolf, Kalani Hiliker and Kira Girard who has a huge target fan base on Instagram.

Find the creations here:


The results of the operation

The Facemoji campaign has reached nearly 3,000,000 interactions, including 1,788,995 views by Sssniperwolf.


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