With 74% of consumers relying on social media to inform their purchase decisions[1], and 84% of them taking action from peer opinions[2], it is no secret that influence marketing plays a crucial role in purchasing behaviour.

If we take a closer look at the travel industry, about 70% of travellers have done travel research on their smartphone[3] and 1 out of 2 travellers start their journey on mobile[4], mostly by seeing photos. More specifically, a recent study by Anna Terttunen has shown that the vast majority of Instagram users who see travel related posts want to travel to the specific locations they’ve seen. “Many of [her study’s respondents] also agree that seeing travel experiences on Instagram can impact their opinions on travel brands and destinations.”[5]

Club Med Suisse Campaign

Just a few months ago, we decided to launch an offer fully dedicated to tourism professionals, in response to this huge increase in mobile travelling. One of the first clients to test this new functionality was Club Med Suisse, and we’re proud to say that their campaign was a huge success. They first created a travel account on our platform, and posted their campaign details online. When creating a travel campaign on Influence4Brands, you have the ability to define a very precise brief, and list everything you are expecting from influencers. In this case, Club Med Suisse was looking for a passionate traveler with over 25k Swiss followers. They also specified all their expectations clearly, for example publishing one (1) Instagram post per day during the trip, and writing a review on TripAdvisor.

They kept the travel destination a secret until the departure date, which was pretty exciting. The only few clues we had were that it was a beach destination located more than 6,000 km from Paris. The lucky chosen traveler was Gessy Granger, also known as @grangeska on Instagram. She had the opportunity to spend 7 all-inclusive days in Mauritius paradise, and to take part into many cool activities at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion. This stunning campaign was very popular, with an average engagement rate of 4-6% per post.

Here are a few photos from her adventures with Club Med.

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