For over 15 years now, Bonton has built a reputation in kids’ universe. Its unique clothing, furniture and toy concept store redefines kids’ fashion and trends.


In 2017, Bonton mandated The Other Store, a digital agency, to manage their reputation and promote their online store on social media during the back-to-school period.

Amongst all possibilities, The Other Store quickly considered implementing influence marketing actions, a formidable way to get people talk about a brand on social channels. They’ve decided to rely on Influence4You, a platform that specializes in brands-influencers collaborations to run their operations.

Campaign Progress

Bonton’s main objective was to get people from Instagram talk about their brand via high quality photos of influencer mothers who would create and showcase looks on their children.

Shortly after being selected on Influence4Brands by the agency, 13 influencers were offered a €150 voucher to shop on Bonton’s online store to find some creative outfits for their kids.

The Other Store and Bonton both wanted to communicate on a very specific target which was composed of chic and active women. They thus decided to focus on micro influencers whose social community goes from 3,500 to 94,000 followers.

Micro influence was wisely chosen for this campaign for the benefit of the brand. The selected instagrammers discussed with their followers about the Bonton brand; they talked about the back-to-school collection, and a promo code covering shipping fees was offered to all of them.


The 13 Instagram posts reached 387,387 people and generated a total of 9,258 likes and 268 comments with an engagement rate of 2.5% (12.8% engagement peeks). This impacted Bonton directly since more than 100 promo codes were used on the online store over the course of the campaign.

Here are 3 Instagram posts from the Bonton x Influence4You campaign, ran by The Other Store:

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