What is an Influence4You credit point?

You’ve surely heard about the new credit point system that has just gone live on our platform!

So, what exactly is it? How does it work and how can I keep my points? It’s pretty simple and we’re here to explain everything:

What is a credit point?

All influencers can apply to unpaid campaigns on the platform and therefore collaborate with these brands. To ensure that the collaboration goes smoothly and to enable all influencers to participate in as many campaigns as possible, every influencer is awarded 5 credit points to use on the platform. This way, the campaigns are more fairly distributed amongst influencers who apply to brands that are most in line with their social media themes.

And yes, we want to increase your chances of being accepted and help make your collaborations more professional with brands!

What does a credit point look like?

So here is what the famous credit point looks like! You will find them at the top of your Influence4You interface.

One star = one credit point gained

One empty start = one credit point lost/withheld.

How does the credit point system work?

To apply to an unpaid campaign or a campaign involving a voucher, an influencer must use up one of their credit points and are limited to 5 applications at one time (5 applications = 5 credit points). Paid campaigns do not require you to use credit points.

A credit point is put back into your account according to the following conditions:

–   You are refused from a campaign

–   You cancelled your application before being accepted by the brand

–   You created your content, correctly inserted the URL of your post and/or inserted your video on the platform, and respected the campaign brief conditions

A credit point is lost from your account according to the following conditions:

-You leave the campaign after being accepted by the brand

-You did not carry out your post before the deadline defined in the brief

Our 3 tips to keep your credit points 💡

If you want a few helpful tips on how to take care of your credit points, here are our secrets:

1) Manage your applications 🛒:

On the platform you will see a lot of campaigns and you are better suited to some rather than others. To keep in line with your normal content, only apply to campaigns which you are really interested in as you are limited to 5 unpaid campaigns.

 2) Don’t forget about the deadline  📆 : 

Every campaign has a deadline that you must respect. It’s essential for a successful collab.  Our tip: when you get accepted for a campaign, set a reminder of this date on your phone.

3) Take good care of your gifts 🎁 : 

When a brand validates your profile for a campaign, you are chosen among a lot of participants. The brand really liked your style and decided to send you a gift ; so do not forget to post in return!

That’s it, now you know everything about credit points. On your Influence4You account, you can see the 5 credit points that you now have. Our challenge for you : keep them all ! 💪

Any questions ? 🤔

Our team will answer you, contact us here : contact@influence4You.com

See you soon on Influence4You,