Lancôme – Discover “La Vie Est Belle” with the #HappyUnboxing

Who doesn’t know La Vie Est Belle, Lacôme’s signature perfume with Julia Roberts and her beautiful smile as muse.  For the fall of 2017, the brand wanted to set up an operation with five influencers to promote the new edition of La Vie Est Belle l’Éclat, with new scents and a magnificent new packaging.


Influence4you’s insights and our setting up of the communication.

For the release of the new fragrance La Vie Est Belle, we chose five influencers: Perfecthonesty, Just Zoé, Lecoindelodie & NatachaBirds and invited them in a studio to make four short films. The idea, called « Happy Unboxing », was to show  the influencers discovering the new perfume in a surprise setting. Maroua from the Thedollbeauy channel took also part of this unusual Unboxing.

Creating contents for the whole month of September, we set up an operation built around 5 highlights:


Step 1 // Week 1  // Teasing

During the day of shooting, the five influencers teased their followers on Snapchat and Insta Stories mentioning their collaboration with the brand and explaining that they were in a studio for a nice surprise: the discovery of a new product.


Step 2 // Week 2  // The Revelation

Once the Unboxing “in the box”, the influencers posted on their Instagram accounts their Happy Unboxing unveiling the new perfume with three dedicated hashtags: #LaVieEstBellelEclat #ShareTheLight and #HappyUnboxing.

Check out  the Unboxing!

« Happy Unboxing » posts links:

Step 3 // Week 3  // Contents creation

The influencers continued to talk about the product on their social pages, videos for youtubers, blog post for the bloggers…

A few examples of product placements during the campaign:

Natacha Birds’ article at the following link (French) :

Step 4 // Week 4  // Contest on Instagram

The five influencers promoted a contest on Instagram enabling their communities to win the new La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat.

Links to the contests:

La beauté du ralenti et de la bouteille de ce parfum aux milles petites facettes qui miroitent ! . Après le #happyunboxing que vous avez puis suivre sur mon compte, aujourd’hui, il y a une nouvelle surprise… mais qui vous est destinée ce coup-ci ! . @lancome et moi-même vous proposons de tenter de remporter leur nouveau parfum « La Vie Est Belle l’éclat » ! Il y aura 5 gagnants (et donc 5 parfums à gagner), pour participer il suffit tout simplement de me laisser un petit commentaire sous cette vidéo et de suivre mon compte instagram ! . Le concours prendra fin le 24/09 à minuit et la marque se chargera d’envoyer les parfums aux gagnants ! Bonne chance !! ✨ #LancomeFrance #happyunboxing #sharethelight #lavieestbelleleclat

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Step  5 // Week 5  // The Event

We invited the five influencers to the release party of La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat by Lancôme at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris for the highlight of the operation.

For this event, Lancôme decorated the upper floor by dressing it in the colors of the perfume: powdery pink and silvery orange, with perfume trees La Vie Est Belle l’Éclat and giant ice sculpture of the bottle. The decor of the Unboxing was also set up so that each guest could leave with a GIF of his experience in the Lancôme box!

enjoying the @lancomeofficial party #sharethelight

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KPI of the campaign

More than 51 posts were made by our influencers over the course of the campaign achieving a reach of more than 7 million followers who loved the campaign and engaged with it over  28,000 times across all social networks!

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