Influence4You, a global Influence Marketing Agency, helps brands & agencies collaborate efficiently and effectively with global social influencers for realising their marketing and sales objectives.

Since 2012, we have launched hundreds of operations for all types of industries:

  • Fashion / Beauty / Luxe
  • Hight – Tech / Games ( PC, Mobile etc. ) / Apps
  • Travel / NGOs
  • FMCG ( Fast-moving Consumer Goods )

With all social media approaches : Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Blog, etc.
In a global dimension: Europe ; US; Asia etc.

Influence4You has built a strong bond with more than 3 000 global influencers via continuous campaign partnerships , Annual Travel Seminar, Afterwork etc. to enhance the campaign efficiency and quality.

Besides Agency service, Influence4you self-developed a great influence platform: Influence4Brands, to enable brands easily collaborate with more than 105 000 influencers globally.

If you are interested in Influence Marketing, would like to work with us, please let me lead you to the next 4 steps :

#1  Listening

We listen to your needs, and understand your challenges in realising your objectives.

[ Target audience / Market / Campaign Objective / Timeline / Budget etc.]

#2 Designing

We develop and design complete Influence marketing proposals based on your needs and reach or even surpass your objective collectively. Proposal includes: Objective Analysis, Implementable Plans, Creative Content Scenarios, Influencer Profile Examples, Budget Allocation, etc. .  We deliver fully customized offers with the most optimal performance.

#3 Operating

After confirming proposal, our experienced Project team starts to implement and manage your campaigns from A-to-Z, which includes

  • Project Planning
  • Influencer Selection & Negotiation
  • Campaign Creativity
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Reporting

#4 Reporting

You will receive a complete report one month after the campaign activation. In this report you can have all measurable figures to evaluate your campaign’s performance and our suggestions for a future improvement.


To sum up, we are the best agency to collaborate with influencers and help you reach your audience from 15 – 35 years old precisely and effectively.

Would you like to know more ? Consult our customer cases and our studies about the impact of the influencers on consumer purchasing decisions.